Work Smarter

Do you work smarter?

Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page.

Work Smarter not Harder has always been my motto so why not solve everyone else’s problem.

Who doesn’t want to free up more time in your day?

Who has the time to make sure if there is an easier way? And if you find a way who has the time to implement it?

Enter Stephanie Bosco Luca the master of working smarter after years of working harder.

work smarter


Over the years, I have worked for big corporations creating more efficient workflow processes, selling and having to come up with the best way to find leads, manage those leads and follow up on those leads.

Making a ton of mistakes along the way- however, I was still getting a salary so it was just an “oophs, that didn’t work let’s try something else”. It wasn’t my business so it didn’t break me, until I started my own businesses.

Never being afraid to fail, I have tried several businesses, that’s where I learned SO MUCH!

For years, no matter what project I worked on, my clients have always said, “You are so organized, teach me your method”, “Where did you learn that”, “How did you know about that”, and my favorite “Can you just set up my computer so I can do the same thing?”.

work smarter


Do you want to be a Badass Boss?

It’s not really that complicated, it’s just I have done all the research and work so you don’t have to. I have streamlined my workflow process which allows me to do more. Wait is that good or bad?

I will go with good,  good=more money.

I created this package for all kinds of businesses but it’s customized to your needs.


Work Smarter Package- Beginner Badass 

This package will include, templates, checklists and documents to jump start your creative side and get straight to the hustle.

  • Start-up checklist
  • 4 legal forms/contracts that you need for your business (after our consultation we discuss what you need )
  •  Social Media Checklist
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Tax spreadsheet
  • Create extensions, shortcuts and bookmarks on your browser

Work Smarter Package-  Experienced Badass 

Includes everything in the Beginners Badass package and what’s listed below

  • Refresh of your top marketing pieces
  • Refresh of your logo if needed
  • Analyze all social media channels and make recommendations
  • Analyze sales process and based on what needs done we will create a plan or tweak yours to help you close more business

These are simple, and easy to adapt into any business tips and will make your life easier.

We have more services if these don’t blow your skirt up- take a look here.