Twitter Custom Timelines..seriously??

This Week Twitter releases Custom Timelines.


Yep that’s what I said. Not another thing to learn…well for me it is. I suggest you read through the article and then decide if you want to learn more. Like everything else in the Social Media World, it’s all about consistency, once you get used to it- it will be a no brainer.

For those of you that don’t really want to know more- you need to hire me so I can do it for you.

And if you are still wondering “Why Twitter?” – get in touch me immediately or come to our next Social Media Seminar. The short answer is: You need to be, period, regardless of how you feel about it. And it’s not that hard, time consuming or stupid..well not really.


What Are Twitter Custom Timelines?

Custom timelines, at their core, are streams of content that you curate and control.

Twitter’s definition:
Custom timelines are a new type of timeline you control: you create the timeline, give it a name, and select which Tweets to add, either by hand or programmatically using the API. Timelines are public, have their own pages on, and can easily be embedded on your website. The rest is up to you.

Click here to read the article that I found that is the easiest to understand.

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