Where is Stephanie Bosco Luca

 Stephanie Bosco Luca, where did she go?

I will always love the special events industry. They are my people.

After all the years of selling advertising and marketing services. I realized that I needed more. Elite Bridal Networking events were some of the best times of my life. I made friendships of lifetime and made money while doing it. Since I wasn’t selling a product specifically for the industry it was a challenge to continue to have events monthly.

That’s when I started up marketing businesses and loved it. Influencer Marketing is my favorite for sure. When done right of course, which is where I come in.

I still have clients that I work with on a regular basis. I ventured out on my own and freelanced for several magazines and websites that were not in the special event industry. StephanieBoscoLuca.com was born.  F.Y.I you should buy a domain of your full name. It’s just good marketing.

I realized that I love just developing small businesses. That is my passion.

While I haven’t designed the site, I have updated this one and will keep improving it and updating it as I go.

While growing everyone else’s businesses I let my website and social media go.  I needed to clone myself. It was a lot but I managed it all, and gave my best to my clients.  Stephanie Bosco Luca needed Stephanie Bosco Luca.

Unfortunately, life happened and I had some serious family emergencies.  I lost both parents in 12 months. Anyone that tells you that it gets easier in time is full of it. It doesn’t- it changes. But never easier. My Dad was a big influence in my life and always by my side- as most of you know him because he was at all my networking events.

Papa Bosco

Elite Bridal Network Stephanie Bosco Luca

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I have been taking time to heal and reinvent. After alot of thinking, and remembering that he always called me a “Boss Lady” that’s where I am the most comfortable. I am my father’s daughter. The Bosco’s are a bunch of bosses.

I love developing businesses, their marketing, ideas, staff and even sales. Of course, I am selective about who and what I represent. I decided that I am going to represent businesses and products that I have either used myself- or really have a passion for.

In the last year I have realized that life is way too short. I mean I always said that but now I live it and really understand it.

Let’s face it I would love to sit back and help everyone while sitting on a beach somewhere, I am not there…yet. My goal is to create a life that I am totally in love with that will allow me to spend the time with my family and friends and enjoy it all. Everyone’s goal right?

What’s Next:

For now, I am reselling Payjunction Credit Card Processing (not for the love of credit card processing) but for the love of saving money, time and working smarter.  In every career, I have become a resource for people- so I look at this as sharing a great product with my friends.

Check out the Payjunction Blog it’s filled with great articles. So helpful!

If you have a credit card system you love- awesome- you can still take a look. No pressure and no obligations. I will tell you this is something worth taking 15 minutes of your time though.

Health and Wellness:

Additionally, while going through life like everyone,  I have stumbled into health issues as well. I am not going to bore with the details because I get bored easy so I can’t imagine you wanting to read through my list of crap. After seeing 22 doctors all over the state, I realize they really don’t know either. So, as a researcher and relentless problem solver, I have been looking into ways to help my quality of life.

Enter- CBD oil- yes I am a believer! I will share with you this little detail. I have had insomnia for over 20 years, sometimes I don’t sleep at all during the night. Since I started using CBD oil- I fall asleep quicker and when I do wake up I can fall back to sleep. I have a peaceful rest- which NEVER happens for me.

CBD has a long list of benefits and it works different for everyone. It’s safe. You don’t get high and you feel better. Another no brainer. Stay tuned for more information on how to buy this amazing oil or cream. Working on the site now.

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know I am still here and I would love to hear from you, see you and help you. I hope you will subscribe to my blog, trust me alot more is to come.

stephanie bosco luca


“Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself.” —Mireille Guiliano