Social Media? Is it for you?

I have been in sales and marketing since I was 15 (really 9 if you count my Dad’s Carvel) Those that know how old I am know that’s a LONG time.  In advertising sales for over 20 years. Anyone in advertising sales has heard at one time or another “I don’t advertise, my business is word of mouth” or “Advertising doesn’t work” and always my favorite ” I never see a return on my investment”.

I have an arsenal full of responses, I am not going to bore you with them (unless you really want to know then you can email me) but I will ask you this. How are people finding you today? How do you know for sure where they are coming from? Word of mouth you say, how many people do you reach ?  You don’t want anymore business, are you content with what you have?

No one can tell you how to run your business, only suggestions. My suggestion is very simple.

Social Media is for everyone. Period.

It’s not going anywhere, it’s only growing. It’s mobile, it’s easy to access and consumers (you and I ) are obsessed with it. Case proven since you are probably reading this blog on your phone or tablet.

The question really is how to make the most of it, be consistent, authentic and how do you keep it up.

Well, I have those answers too..but I am not sharing them today. Hopefully, you read this blog on a regular basis and you will read the next post. Or you can schedule some time with me and I will be happy to talk your ear off about it.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this little goodie I found today from one of my favorite blogs. Jeff  Bullas. These numbers don’t lie.  There is no other vehicle of marketing that will reach the amount of people that Social Media can. Don’t spend alot of time trying to decide if social media is something you should invest your time is, the answer is obvious. Spend your time on an action plan!


Social Media Facts and statistics you need to know