Sales Training

Sales Training

We all need a little help. Learning is key. With our 20+ years of experience in sales & marketing we can help everyone with all budgets.

We never stop learning, so neither should you and your team. We try to create a fun and interactive session, our attention spans are short- so we keep them interested.

sales training

Sales Training:

Closing Techniques, working smarter not harder and many other sales topics – 4 hour session

Stephanie Bosco-Luca has over 20 years of teaching senior level sales strategies at top businesses and associations. She has taught and addressed audiences from small classes to standing room only.

Stephanie creates her own up-to-date, tailored training materials targeted at your listeners. In today’s dynamic workplace, where businesses are scrambling to get their staff up to speed, it’s critical to ensure you can change internal processes, train employees to engage across multiple platforms, and keep employee skills up-to-date.

See how your organization can benefit from Stephanie’s tailored sales training.

Social Media Training:

Several options to learn.
One on One
Private Groups- 2-5
Small Public Trainings

If you want some one on one or small group sessions contact Stephanie


Speaking Engagements:

Stephanie Bosco-Luca is a proficient speaker. She gets her audiences motivated and they leave her presentations with the ability to go back to work and apply her real life tactics. Stephanie does not recycle her speeches. She confers with clients and determines their areas of need to ensure her talks are on topic and useful. Types of appearances include but are not limited to:

 Keynote
 Panelist
 Moderator

 Webinars
 One on One
 Corporate training
 Online Training manuals