Really, Pinterest for Business?

I silently chuckle in my head when I am asked..What’s the point in Social Media? And my favorite…Do you really use Pinterest for business?

Either everyone is too busy to read the never-ending articles, or I am only reading them.

Here is a little paragraph from one of my daily reads- The– read the rest of the article online.

We already know that the majority of Pinterest users are women, making up 83 percent of users in the U.S. We also know that Food & Drink is the most popular category on the site, making up 33.7 percent of pins. As Pinterest paves its way to becoming the leading content sharing social site, it is constantly evolving to ensure it can best serve the 28 million visitors that browse the site each month – and that includes evolving to better serve marketers that utilize the site on behalf of brands.

Regardless of how you feel, whether you think it’s a waste of time or you don’t see the return on your investment right away. The numbers don’t lie. If you want to be in front of a woman consumer you need to be on Pinterest.

What will happen if you don’t get on Pinterest? You will be losing out on potential business, getting your brand out there, sharing your interests with your followers so they will get to know you. Remember, people want to do business that they know and trust.  Don’t miss out, or put it off.

You need to have a plan.

You need to listen to your audience.

Execute your plan.

Be Consistent.

If you can’t do that- call us-  you will be taken care of!

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