My Go-To Books for Business

If you don’t love to read, you need to start. My passion for books is STRONG.

I tell my nieces all the time- “You need to be smart not just cute- we know you are cute.”

My passion for reading books started around when I was around 9 years old. I probably didn’t understand most of what I was reading but I thought I was very cool.

Mama Ro turned me on to reading- in fact she used to give me her books when she was done so that’s where it all started.

Thanks Mama, Love you the mostest.

books stephanie bosco luca
Me and Mama Ro

My Dad was a big reader too so again, I thought: they were so smart I have to read to like they do.

They don’t even realize what example they set. Thankful is not the right word for how I feel, books changed my life for the better. A great escape, education and friend all in one.

I love all kinds of books really. My favorite are mysteries and nonfiction, anything where I can learn more is always a favorite.

Today I am sharing my favorite go-to business and self improvement books.

I hope you and enjoy. Please share your favorites too.







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