Life Changing Resources

Life Changing?

Yes, although I am easy to please. If it works and improves my life in the littlest way I am hooked.  I am a sucker for pretty packing  too, yes I am totally a girly girl.  Maybe not life changing to you, but most definitely to me.

Anyway, I am going to share my life changing, mind blowing products and services. Enjoy and please support these small businesses. They are hustling hard just like you and I.

Be your best self always, or try products that will help you out.

Greenleaf Origins

Self Promotion here. If you have read anything on my site, you know that CBD oil changed my life- take a look at this post. 

life changing

I can’t say it enough- life changing FOR SURE. It’s safe, organic, pure, US grown and you will not get high.

Go try it and get $10 off now

Color Street Nail Designs by Denise

I have always hated my nails, well my hands for that matter.  They look like sausages, thankfully my husband loves sausage.

life changing

I HATE going to get my nails done on a regular basis, it’s not relaxing, my mind goes a million miles a minute thinking about all the things I could be doing.

When I learned about this product, I didn’t believe that it would be easy and convenient. Turns out to be another game changer- it takes about 15-20 minutes MAYBE the first time you do it. Once you nail it (pun-LOL) you get get beautiful nails in 7 mins. I timed it.

The best part- they LAST! Slap it on, trim the edges and you are done- for REAL. No drying, no heat..nothing.  It comes off with nail polish remover. Great patterns and colors and so affordable. Sorry to all the nail techs out there but this product is my favorite!

Oh and I do my toes too- the last one I did lasted a month. I just file them down if the tips start to wear.

Email Denise she is awesome and helpful.



If you don’t know about this beauty obsessed playground, you live under a rock. You have seen the stores, they are amazing. I get lost in there for hours. It’s therapy for me. They are clearly not a small business but they help this Boss Lady feel good.

However, do you know about their Sephora Play Box subscription?

life changing

$10 a month and you get all those products you would love to try but don’t want to spend the money until you know you like it.  Look good at those meetings or in your pajamas while on a video conference call.

Yes-it’s love. That’s all.

You are welcome.