In love with this product

Yes, I am In love with this product. True Love!


If you have been reading my posts, you read that I am going to share products that I LOVE. I know I have alot of favorites but this one is for real.

This product saves me so much time and money. Looking professional is key right? Even if you are faking it until you are making it.

My nails break, and I bite my cuticles- a very bad habit I know. There are days though, when I need to look like I have it together and this is my go to.

Check out Color Street by Denise

Their selections are awesome and they always have specials, I usually spend $60 and they last me several months. I would buy more because they are always coming out with new designs but I haven’t even used what I have so far.

The best is you have nail parties too, right in your home online!  They also make great gifts and give-aways for clients. Who doesn’t love beautiful nails?

Top 5 reasons I am in love with this product

  • Easy application
  • Affordable
  • No Drying Time
  • Great selection
  • Easy removal

The strips below, I put them on 15 minutes before we went out for New Years Eve.  If I recall the name of these strips are Bloody Gorgeous . They lasted until January 10th. When they chip, I file them down a little- it’s so simple to maintain.

Denise has a great Facebook group, where she shares tips and does how to videos. Click here and ask to join.

love this product