How’s your Marketing going?

Are you rolling your eyes when I ask “How’s your marketing going”?

Is it going at all or are you stuck?

Are you on track and meeting your goals? Do you remember your goals?

hows your marketing going

Being a small business owner, it’s so easy to get off track. I do it, you do it – everyone who wears multiple hats does it. You can’t help it because you are the only one that can do it all.  Marketing usually falls down the list, especially when you are on a budget. It doesn’t have to be though.

The fact is, if you don’t market consistently how are your customers going to find you?

Don’t tell me you use social media and that’s it because how can you put all your eggs in one basket and be ok with that?

Trust me, I know marketing dollars need to be used wisely- I am in the same boat. That’s why I am always thinking outside of the box.

Do you know why I started Elite Bridal Network in 2008?

I started working for Conde Nast Brides Florida Magazine, and I was responsible for a large territory with a short amount of time to sell advertising to wedding vendors. Since I love a challenge so I was up for the task.

I joined all the associations, even sat on the boards. I made incredible connections and built relationships. However, it wasn’t enough, working for Conde was my dream job and I was going to shine.

I met Ela, who moved down to South Florida and didn’t have many connections and was in the same boat. Wanting to grow her Wedding Photography business, she knew the same thing we needed more- we needed to throw a “party”.

That’s when two girls threw a party, we had no idea what we were doing but it continued for almost 9 years. With tons of help and a great team we were the leaders in the industry for networking and relationship building.

Ela and stephanie bosco luca

What happened with Conde?

I crushed my sales goals.

It wasn’t overnight, it took time but I had a steady pipeline, tons of leads to follow up on. I met so many people that were interested in my product.

The truth was, they were interested in me. Why? Because I care. I want to get results and I work tirelessly for my clients, no matter what product I have to offer.

Life moves on and we all went in different directions, but we still have the same hustle.

I live and breathe all things sales and marketing. Spending hours learning and taking notes and researching the best business practices for my clients.

If you are ready, I am here for you.

Stephanie Bosco Luca

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