How I make sales easily

I have been to many- let me say this again MANY sales trainings in my day. There are so many experts out there, tips, tricks and styles on making selling easier.

Majority of the small business owners flat out just don’t like sales. Period.

Unfortunately, unless you are in the position to hire a top notch sales professional, if you are YAY for you! If not you have to step up to the plate and just do it.

I have been selling since my parents owned a Carvel when I was 9 years old. (no joke)

Guess what though..I didn’t know I was made for it or any good at it until I was 25 years old and even then I still fought it. Until I made my first big sale. Then I said to my manager- oh that was easy, I am going to do this every day.

Clearly, I know that not everyone will have the same experience or even find enjoy the sales process at all. I want to just share some VERY simple tips for you to use.

My suggestions:

  • Be yourself- people are going to buy from people they like
  • Don’t oversell-  My personal motto is “Say what you mean and mean what you say” and then SHUT UP. Listen.
  • LISTEN- yes that was the ending to my last suggestion but it’s that important.  Few people do it.
  • Follow up- don’t worry about driving them crazy. You have a product/service they need. They will thank you for being persistent as long as you’re not a stalker. Trust me when you get a restraining order you will know you went too far.
  • Service your clients- existing and future. You want to them to tell others. Let them sell you.

Which leads me to this great INFOGRAPHIC I read today.

Advocates. They are crucial to your business. You need them, you want them, keep them..LOVE them.

Take a look at your circle of people and then look at this infographic and see where they fall. Work it.

Remember just Ask for it!

If they love you they will be on board.

Good Luck! If you need more help just give me a shout!


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