We set Goals. But do we keep them?

Hello February, why yes I did set some goals in January and I have changed my goals three times already. I want to do so much but there are only so many hours in the day. I know all boss babes get this but how do you really do what you want, and not lose sight of everything else on your goal list?

If you have any suggestions, I am totally open to hearing them.

What are your top three goals for this year?

goals stephanie bosco luca

Here are some of my goals for this year.

  • Build a strong knit community for business owners, where they can get advice, brainstorm online and in person, mentor one another, promote themselves while supporting their community sisters.
  • Create incredible events where we can come together for unique opportunities to make money and enjoy ourselves so it doesn’t feel like work.
  • Educate others in the benefits of CBD oil through webinars, expos and intimate pop up shops.
  • Travel more with my husband.
Stephanie bosco luca
Building the life I want

These goals are in the works. I created Elite Bridal Network from nothing, and now I will creating this incredible community. I am going to be starting it small, by invitation only.

Those that know me, know I am not basic so when I say it will be incredible, it will be.

Sign up now if you are interested. I am not sharing any more details because it’s being finalized and well I like to build the suspense a little.

There will more information coming soon.

There will be fee, because when things are free you don’t get the commitment from people and that’s what will separate us from everyone else.

The community will support one another through thick and thin because being a business owner is hard. You feel isolated sometimes. You need someone to hear your ideas and to encourage you.

The fee won’t kill you, I promise.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

First event on the list will be a pop up shop- so if you want to promote a product or support small business, you need to subscribe.

Be part of my tribe and CLICK HERE

goals stephanie bosco luca