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All you hear is CBD this CBD that.

Well, here is some more. I became a believer a few months back. Usually, I don’t discuss my health but I have chronic diseases that cause pain, when you are in extreme pain you can’t sleep. When you can’t sleep- life is miserable and much more challenging when you are exhausted, which normally leads to anxiety.

Suffering with insomnia for at least 20 years, I have tried every prescription sleeping medication there is. After time, they didn’t work- I was addicted and still tired.

As lover of good smells, I tried essential oils (which I love), yoga (again-love), meditation, baths, teas, lotions, candles, special sheets, sleep masks, and the list goes on. While these things relaxed me and I always smelled pretty- I was still wide awake at 3 am.

The Final Straw

After losing both parents, my anxiety was at an all time high. I decided after a few months of grieving, I really wanted to sleep BAD!   Enter CBD oil. I had heard all the hype too but was skeptical because I had tried so many things.

Yet, being the optimist I am, I gave it a try. The first few nights that I fell asleep within an hour I was shocked. I figured I was sick, usually that is when I sleep the most but being sick sucks. Well, I wasn’t sick and I was sleeping great.

After a week, I said to myself- WOW- I think this is working. I kept taking it day and night- I felt better during the day. My anxiety was better, and at night I was actually yawning and ready to go to sleep before midnight. Those who know me, know that’s unheard of for me.

Yes, I became a believer and bought more.  Then I started listening to everyone else around me and they all suffer from something too. I decided to get involved and sell this oil to help everyone I know. Which is why you are reading this now.

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Here are the Top 10 benefits

stephanie bosco luca CBD oil

Are you shaking your head?  Going yep, I got that. Or, uh huh- my husband has that, my Mom has this. Everyone has or knows someone that has one or five of these ailments. It’s overwhelming sometimes to think of how many of us suffer.

Now, you don’t have to.

How does it work

Stephanie Bosco Luca CBD Oil


As I speak with more people about CBD, I find that most people either love it and use it. While many I speak with, shut me down without listening to the facts. My thoughts are they think they are going to get high and are against drugs. This not marijuana, you aren’t going to get high.

stephanie bosco luca CBD

I totally realize that everyone is different, some need more information while others just shoot down any idea that isn’t traditional without hearing anything else.

I get it, I do but I don’t get why you wouldn’t just listen to the facts , and do some research, then try it.  As someone who has taken all kinds of medication to find relief, this is a no brainer because it’s safe and natural. And best of all – works.

stephanie bosco luca CBD oil

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