Is there are fee to join Elite Bridal Network?

No. There is a fee to attend each event. You can pay online when you receive your invitation.


What are the benefits of attending an Elite Bridal Networker?

As you know, people like to do business with people they like. EBN creates events that are different than most, you get to know people in a non-threatening, relaxed environment. Since this is a “Social” industry, we do business socially. You get what you put it in. You can’t stand on the sidelines at networking events, Stephanie Bosco-Luca tries to meet everyone and make the connections you need. Make sure you find her.


Can I pay at the door?

Yes. We accept payment at the door at almost every event. If for some reason we cannot accept payment at the door we will advise it in the invitation, Facebook and Twitter … make sure you follow us!


This is my first time attending, can I attend at free of charge?

Sorry, no.  It’s a small investment for the GREAT connections you will make.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We take it all! Credit cards, cash, PayPal and checks. If our cc machine is down, cash and checks are accepted only.


Can you bill me later?

Sorry, no.


Will I still be charged the full amount if I arrive 15-30 minutes before the event is over?



How often do you have events?

We try to have them every month, unless there are other events going on in the industry that conflict.


Where do you have the events?

We showcase the best venues all over South Florida’s three counties. We are looking to expand the network to the West Coast of Florida and beyond.


Who attends the events?

We invite the best of the best in the event industry and are by invitation. We have a database of 8,000 names including Event Planners, Designers, Producers, Caterers, Photographers, Videographers, Salons, Venues, Hotel Catering Managers, Florists, Favors, Invitations, Calligraphers, and Products & Services for anyone in the event or bridal business. We do reserve the right to approve or disapprove attendees based on EBN’s discretion.

If I am a venue how do I host a networker?

We will send you the Host’s Responsibility contract, once you review and it’s determined it is a fit we will schedule a walk-thru. Email Sandy at Twenty7events@gmail.com

Do you share or sell your contacts?

Absolutely not.


What happens if I buy a ticket and then something comes up and I can’t make it?

We understand that things come up however, we do not offer refunds. If you give us a days’ notice we will extend a credit to you for another event that you can attend.


Can I bring my marketing materials?

We strongly encourage you to bring your business cards and get to know people. We believe in building relationships, engaging in conversations, and then determine if you would like to set up a meeting to fortify the relationship. Business materials should be brought to those meetings. Please do not place your business materials at registration. This is reserved for the evenings’ sponsoring vendors.


Is your group “clicky”?

Networking is not for the weak. Obviously, when people are comfortable with one another, they will gravitate towards one another. Standing back and not trying to make connections is not the way to stand out. It is a fine line; you don’t want to be in someone’s face either. If it’s your first time focus on making 2 connections that night, quality is always better than quantity. Connections that you will follow up with and foster a relationship. If you need help look for Stephanie Bosco-Luca she will get you through the night and you will feel comfortable in no time.


How can I participate in an event?

We take pride in working with the best in the industry, we do research and interview vendors before we will showcase them. You must be insured. Please contact Sandy Espinosa to be considered. Twenty7events@gmail.com

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