Facebook sometimes offers Words to Live by..

Oh Facebook

I am sure all the Marketing Professionals can relate to my usual daily routine. It starts by going on to Facebook to see how my client’s posts are performing and adjust accordingly. Actually, who am I kidding? Everyone goes on Facebook as their daily routine. We all go on for different reasons

While I am visiting client’s pages there is always what pops up in my news feed that catches my eye. Which sometimes is a welcomed distraction. If you are looking for some great articles follow us too Elite Bridal Network– we follow back!

Facebook is filled with daily rants, pictures of people’s kids, dogs, cats, lunches, and funny videos.

Then there are those that you really look forward to because they post things that you are either feeling at the moment or can relate to.

Marcia Mitchell  is one of those people…I laugh out loud, sometimes cry and always makes me think. It’s not just on Facebook that Marcia provokes these feelings by the way. Through her music as well. If you haven’t listened to her amazing, sultry voice you are missing out. Click Here for one of my favorites that are in my playlist.

I am proud to know her and call her a friend!

Today she posted this.

It’s perfect and I hope everyone will share it, and most importantly adopt the suggestions!

Elite Bridal Network Words to live by