Elite Corporate Network

Elite Bridal Network

Elite Bridal Network introduces … Elite Corporate Network. We’ve taken our wedding industry networking formula and applied it to the rest of the working world. Elite Corporate Network will house a new block of professionals, a new list of names with the same familiar greeters and founders of Elite Bridal Network.

We’ve left behind the stuffiness of the traditional networker and focused on what our industry does best – throwing a great party! This continues to be the driving force behind our high attendance rates with Elite Bridal Network and its’ instant success. Since our inception in August of 2008, we have consistently drawn 200-500 colleagues from each sector of the industry. It is time to combine work with a little pleasure.

The corporate network will focus on informal and formal networking for specialists in accounting, real estate, law, and more professions via happy hours and educational seminars. There are no restrictions on the number of people represented in any profession. Elite Corporate Network will hold monthly mixers where everyone mingles informally. We will hold presentations by guest speakers on important business topics or discussions on issues concerning legislation, community affairs or local business programs.
The mission of Elite Corporate Network is to offer participants an opportunity to make valuable contacts with many other entrepreneurs in the community. It will offer a significant breadth to your goal of developing a word-of-mouth-based business because these networkers will enable you to meet hundreds of other businesspeople. If you’re serious about developing word-of-mouth business, there is no quick fix; you must meet people in a planned and structured way.

Elite Bridal Networking maintains a popular and unremittingly updated blog and website that enhances your Elite Networking experience. The blog gives prime real estate to sponsors, highlights businesses, and publishes relevant newsworthy stories.

Elite Corporate Network will house the same online platform.


 If you aren’t investing in building relationships, what you doing to help your business grow?