Do people really like you?

Every day I say I am going to write on my own blog!!!

When you decide to help everyone else grow their business, sometimes you neglect your own.  Today I decided I wasn’t doing anything else but focusing on my business…well at least for an hour.

I wanted to share some answers to the questions I get on a regular basis regarding growing your business through social media.

1. What do I tweet or post?

It’s actually simple. If I called you on the phone, what would you talk to me about? There is dialog right? Start there. Ask questions. Be sincere, we are all human – we get it. No you don’t have to talk about what you ate for lunch, unless it was SO good you want to tell the world! Just don’t do it for every post. I have been known to snap a picture or two when I eat something amazing…and you know what?? People relate, they ask questions..they like it!  So don’t overthink it. Just be natural and be personable. I do not enjoy or recommend your content to be all self promotion.  I want to know you and your brand I just don’t like to be sold, I want to make my decision and remember People buy from people they like and trust. Period.

2. Where do you get inspiration?

I read everything! Yes, I read your newsletters, your blogs, your posts and tweets. It does take me a while to go through it all but it’s my job, and I love it.  Whatever your industry is, subscribe to some blogs, whether it be educational or pretty ones. Just read, take notes. Clip the articles, save them.  Whatever your preferred method is just do it. Everyone has a few minutes to read an article. You will be surprised the ideas you will get once you get started.

3. Where do I find the time to maintain my social media?

That’s a tricky question. Since it’s my business I should say HIRE ME. But those that know me, know  that’s not how I roll, I am here to help and by all means I want clients! However, when I started this business my vision has always been to work with the small businesses, since I have had a few- I get it. BUDGETS..while I am affordable…very affordable, sometimes it’s not possible so again I am here to help.  It goes back to my reading again, since I read so much, I learn about all the applications out there that simply the process, save you time and is so easy you will enjoy it.  The secret…come to a seminar learn the tools I use, get set up and just do it!


4. How do I get more likes?

Think about it- what gets your attention? What do you like?  If I told you like the color blue! Would you? Why? What if I said I think blue would look great on you because it really would bring out the color of your eyes and it’s this seasons new “Black” so it goes with EVERYTHING and there are so many shades. Would you think about it a little more?  Explain why you want someone to like what you are writing about. Ask them to share if they think it’s interesting or would benefit someone they know.  Ask them to comment on what they think about it- remember, be careful what you ask for though.

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See how that works…


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