The quickest way to Fail at Social Media Marketing

NO CONSISTENT CONTENT = NO SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH = NO BRAND AWARENESS= your client is going to your competitor who is

If you stay on this path you will fail at social media marketing.

If I have said it once I have said a million times in the last 6 months…CONTENT is everything!

What does that mean exactly?  Imagine you are out with friends, and you are telling a great story, well the content is the great story. When you are giving advice on how to run a small business on a small budget, that is content.

Oh?? That’s it. Yes. Seems all rainbows and puppy tails right. Wait until you get a few blog posts, FB updates and Tweets in and then you say…now what? Then you remember the next thing I am going to say and have been saying “Consistency” So now you have to keep it up!

OH NO…how?? Where will I get the ideas? How will I do all this and then find the correct ways to get the word out on my social media platforms that will work well for me, Do I hashtag, Keywords? How do I keep up with the changes?



Calm down…I am here to help. The easiest way is for you and I to talk about your goals. I will either have a seminar, where you will pick up some easy tips and my secrets, so you can manage it yourself. Or we come up with a plan together- and we both work on telling your story the right way. You give me the ideas and the content you want out there and I make it happen.

There is alot that goes into running a successful social media campaign, it’s time consuming. I am good at it so let me know how I can help you and let’s get started next week!

I can’t leave you without one of my famous infographics! ¬†So enjoy…and reach out to me to set a plan- I will teach you or we can do it together! The most important thing for you is to do something! Anything that will get you closer to your goal!

want to fail at social media marketing?