CBD is here to stay

CBD what’s all the hype?

All I know is CBD is here to stay, CBD is not a trend, or fad, it’s a revolution.

The list of conditions CBD may help with is ever-expanding.

Here are some of the most common conditions and symptoms patients combat with CBD:


Why is it effective?

First, you must choose a full spectrum, pure, US Grown, organic and third-party tested oil to start. There are so many CBD products out there and you really need to do your research, because many have labels that sound great but they do not match what’s in the bottle. That’s why third-party testing is important.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that reacts to what elements are in the cannabis plant.  This system regulates your body’s homeostasis which means it regulates your internal system to compensate for environmental changes. Everything from breathing to inflammation, diabetes to blood pressure which just about effects everyone.

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis?

They both contain CBD, Cannabis has high amounts of THC (which is what gets you high)however, Hemp has only traces of THC if any.  You get the benefits of this amazing plant without the high.

I was skeptical too, it took me a few months of research before I pulled the trigger. The only regret I have is that I waited so long. There is no downside, no adverse side effects, no interactions with medications and no overdosing or getting high.

My Story

I had insomnia and TMJ for as long as I can remember, it got worse as an adult because, well adulting.  Then the anxiety kicked in around 20 years ago.

After trying everything I just came to the conclusion sleep was not my friend and it was never going to be. It was either stayed addicted to sleep meds that didn’t work anymore and just made me feel horrible or just quit them and sleep when I could. It wasn’t a great plan, I am not going to lie because I couldn’t function properly.

Then my Dad passed away a year after my Mom and that was my breaking point. When I did sleep I had night terrors, it was so horrific I hated the nighttime and my anxiety was at it’s all time high.

Cue a host more treatments to try to find relief.  Nothing worked, then I would just get mad which cause more anxiety it was a terrible cycle of yuck.

Needless to say, CBD was everywhere and then I heard some friends and family talk about how it worked great for them. The research began, and then I got even more frustrated because it was trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Then I saw a post from a friend that resonated with me so I reached out, she referred me to Green Leaf and it is owned by a great women I knew from the event industry. It was meant to be- the rest was history.

My Relief

Within 5 days I realized that I was sleeping like a rock, thinking I was getting sick and not wanting to believe that the CBD was working, clearly I was in denial. I am learning that this is very common. Skepticism is real people.

After 7-8 days I wasn’t sick and I was excited to go to sleep. It hit me oh this CBD thing is real.

My anxiety was better, I was still grieving so it was an anxious time for me,  but I saw the difference immediately.

Then about a month in I woke up day and my jaw wasn’t throbbing from grinding all night. It took me a few hours to put it all together but when I did I called everyone with the news.

No more mouth guard, no more anxiety or sleep meds- YES please! I want to tell everyone so I joined Mariel and the CBD revolution. We are educating and helping more and more people every day.

Additionally, I suffer from Autoimmune Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Chronic Pain that has almost disabled me. While nothing will cure my conditions, CBD has lowered my inflammation markers and my thyroid in my blood work.


CBD pain relief rub and the CBD oil helped with the pain and, while I don’t have blood sugar problems or blood pressure issues it has lowered them significantly as well. I can’t think of anything else that can help one person with only one bottle of oil.

There will always be skepticism and haters out there and I don’t care. CBD is not going away and neither am I.


Hear from the owner of Green Leaf origins, Mariel Ruiz Escasena

Why Did I start a CBD Oil company?

For over 10 years now I’ve been trying to be more aware of ingredients and natural options for health and wellness,
To keep my family healthy. Primarily my dad who kept having diabetic complications like sugar lows, sugar highs, neuropathy etc… we came across CBD and it was intriguing being that there are no adverse side effects.


CBd is here to stay
I tested some products loved CBD so much that I decided to open my business and share the health with everyone I can possibly talk to.
In the past year my dad has been able to better control his sugar. The last 2 weeks he’s gone days with no insulin (which is unheard of for him), my moms osteoporosis and TMJ are gone…so many benefits



If you want to talk more and get a sample go HERE and I will get in touch with you so we can figure it out together.