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Do you have a business that you process orders over the phone and the card is not present?

As you know, there is always risk when you take an order over the phone and the card is not present, chargeback is the biggest.

It’s a headache and all business owners have experienced it. With Payjunction, we can eliminate that risk by capturing the customers signature through email, immediately. They sign it and send it back.

I love this feature.

The 2 other features I love:

  • Automatically charging my recurring customers. I looked everywhere for a feature like this- Payjunction won hands down.
  • Being able to accept credit cards on my website through Payjunction’s gateway.  Sell tickets to events, sell products.  Easy Peasy.


stephanie bosco luca payjunction

Don’t you love the idea of a virtual terminal? I fell in love immediately, first because of the ease of use. Secondly, hello- I can be anywhere. My team could be anywhere also- and then I can sit back and watch my money come in and run reports. I LOVE reports! Not really, but I love watching my money come in when I am not present.

I can give you a demo, or you can watch a video- we could even meet in person so you can see how much I love this product. It just makes my life easier, and frees up my time so I can sell more. Which is why you are reading this. This doesn’t even feel like selling, I am just sharing with my friends my favorite resources.

Contact me as soon as you realize you want to save time and money- Email me

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