Business Tools

Everyone has their preference when it comes to Business Tools.

These are my favorite Business Tools, They make my life easier, I hope they will help you too. I will keep adding too, when I work on different projects I use different business tools, I research, try them and test them so rest assure this a real recommendation.


stephanie bosco luca google

Notice all the Google icons, bookmarks and apps. I use them all. With Google you can customize what you use the most and what helps you run your business.

I know privacy is a hot issue- Google has tons of privacy options. I have never had a problem.

My favorite business tool is Google Drive- I use it for everything.

When I am working with clients, and there is a team of us- this is amazing. You all see the document you are working on in real time. The best feature you can make comments and recommend changes and the person working on the document can check off what they have done so the other person can see it. Game changer!

You can give different users different access rights- so they can view the document but not make changes…the list of great features goes on.

Everything saves in Google Drive automatically. Create your folders and bam you are organized.

The best part- Google Docs replaces Word, Google Sheets replaces Excel, Google Slides replaces Powerpoint. SAVE your money!

When you go to Google Product Page you will see all they offer, they are all GREAT products.

In fact, this is part of my Work Smarter Small Business Package.

Chrome Browser

Stephanie Bosco Luca Business Tools

Organizing my Chrome browser is something I LOVE! I save my favorite sites that I visit often and then create folders- like a filing cabinet. Yep I probably showed my age but classic is always the way to go.

I create folders for everything, you can even see everything I have in this shot. You can save them on your mobile device too and the best part everything syncs on all your devices.

Google has secure browsing, awesome build ins, tons of extensions that works for everyone.

Again a more detailed look as part of my Work Smarter Package.


I love this so much- I have been a fan since before it was popular and it’s only gotten better. I still use the Free verison- although I would the business plan in a heartbeat. As a small business owner, you really need to be mindful of all the subscriptions you sign up for, it adds up fast!

Stephanie Bosco Luca  Business Tools

I use the web clipper and voice note taking feature the most. Again, I organize everything by tags. Whatever I use the most- I have a tag for everything. I installed the evernote web clipper in my Chrome browser and clip articles and pictures or whatever I want to read later on. There are tons of apps that do this. Even Google has a note app. I just love this app and am used to it. It syncs from your phone or any mobile device so everything is in one place. So handy if I am driving and I see something I want to remember, I just speak into the new note and bam it’s there later when I am in the office and have time to look it over.