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What about us?

Stephanie Bosco-Luca presents

Elite Bridal Network- Small Business marketing to the Fullest.


Building your business one relationship at a time.

Stephanie Bosco Luca


Stephanie Bosco-Luca has been a sales and marketing professional for over 25 years.  What else can we say about us, well?

Networking is where we started. In 2008, we created an environment that relationships were made naturally and business owners were able to determine who they wanted to work with.  We decided to keep growing.

In 2012, in addition, to our networking events we started Small Business Marketing Services. We are a boutique marketing agency that specializes working with ALL small businesses, not only the event industry.

Marketing is essential to your business. The challenge that businesses have is there is so much information out there and not enough time to figure out what will work for them. 

We get it, because we live and learn it everyday.  We have the staff and the time that it takes to stretch those marketing dollars and deliver results.

After mastering the art of connecting event pros as a branch of business development, we have expanded with custom tailored marketing packages for your business.  We can save you time and money.

How can we help:

We can assist with all your marketing needs from small to large projects. Not sure what you need but you know that what you are doing is not working, we can take a look at your business and give you some suggestions. Here are a few of the popular services we offer:

  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Design Marketing Pieces
  • WordPress 
  • Seminars, Event Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Business Consulting

We offer great resources, tips, apps and much more on our blog. Visit our Services page for more.

How can we help you?

If you need to grow your business but don’t have the extra set of hands, contact us today! If you aren’t following us you are missing out.  Contact Stephanie 


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