Website Design & SEO Services

Website Design and SEO Services

We love to create user friendly, easy to manage websites. Since we are a small business too, we understand how difficult it can be to manage it all.

Creating websites and blogs in WordPress is what we specialize in. However,  if you need a custom site we offer competitive rates for custom and e-commerce sites as well. WordPress has everything built in to get you great results.


WordPress Website Design

With WordPress, we create a presence online that is mobile and social media friendly.  You select the theme and we customize it, with your content, logo and photos. We will create keywords, connect your social media channels, monitor and tag as needed.

We work with you to get the look you want.

We can maintain the site or teach you how. So affordable, you really need to consider this if you haven’t updated your site in a while or just don’t like what you have.

Contact us directly:

WordPress Maintenance

Maintain account

Schedule posts, update content, customize themes, add widgets, update plug in’s, add plug ins

Set up Blog

Content Creation

Monthly Posting

Link to website and Social Media Channels

SEO Services:
SEO is generally an ongoing assignment, we have a few different plans and pricing structures for different levels of SEO work. SEO pricing and cost for a project is not “one size fits all”. I think SEO is an asset not a cost. As your search rankings climb so does the dollar value of your website.
1. Monthly Retainer
2. Contract Services
3. Per Project
4. Hourly rate